Monday - Thursday

8.30am till 4.30pm


8.30am till 4.00pm


9.00am till midday

Open every 2nd Saturday Call first

02 97370666

   Repeated Etched, Acid Etched or Sandblasted Glass

    With a 5 tonne overhead Gantry crane no job is too large or too small

    Fully computerised Design, Plotting & Blasting along with hand cutting

    We have a fully automated pass through Sandblast machine to ensure consistency

    Fogs,  matt, deep carved and textured sandblast effects & colour or gold leaf fill 

    Repetitive etched designs, Period & Contemporary designs on various types of


    Custom designs & signage. Require EPS,AI, & DXF Files

    Flat or slumped glass can be sandblasted to create obscurity

   We can also sandblast other materials Acrylic or Stone.

   Clear & White seal to protect the blasted area .

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