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Glass Monuments

Our premium glass monuments are translucent glass memorials created with kiln formed glass, 19mm to 38mm thick. The glass is heated to temperatures over 830 degrees Celsius, then requires several days to a week to properly cool. Each glass memorial contains a unique array of suspended air bubbles and natural textures. Your personal information and artwork are carved into the surface after cooling.

These luxury monuments can also be affixed onto a granite, concrete steel or stone foundation for permanency, and are created with the intent of lasting thousands of years, requiring little or nomaintenance. Compared with traditional monuments made of granite & marble, glass is a more sturdy, durable and lasting architectural material.

Each glass memorial will be built uniquely for the client and will glow in natural light, differentiating itself from standard monuments. Radiant, touchable, premium monuments are designed for the modern, artistic individual who defies definition. In the setting of a memorial park or cemetery they will be a glowing tribute that will stand out from traditional stone memorials.

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